How To Make A Tattoo Gun

How to make a tattoo gun is just as simple as going to a retail store and getting what is required to do tattoos. With the popularity of tattoos being shown on celebrities and television shows, it's becoming more expensive to get one. But a word of caution, making your own tattoo gun should be used for entertainment purposes. If you want to tattoo people you will need a license, it's illegal to tattoo without one.

The items you will need to make a tattoo gun are:

  • Regular number two pencil
  • Pen
  • Knife or a razor
  • Wire string
  • Wire cutters
  • Electric crest toothbrush
  • AA batteries
  • Mineral oil
  • Duck tape
  • Tattoo pigment ink
  1. Take a pencil and pull out the end of the eraser. Cut the eraser in half with a sharp knife. Take the half eraser and put a small hole through the center.
  2. Cut off a piece of a wire string with wire cutters, this is your tattoo point. The cut piece should not be more than three inches long.
  3. If you don't have one, buy a electric crest spinbrush pro toothbrush and this will be your tattoo gun. It should cost less than nine dollars and double A batteries should be already inside the toothbrush. Take off the end of the spinbrush.
  4. Now with the cut wire string, bend the end of it to a 90 degree angle. Put the wire string through the hole you made from the eraser. Position the eraser at the end of the string where you bent it 90 degrees.
  5. Place the eraser inside the opening of the spinbrush toothbrush. Make sure it's all the way inside the shaft where you can only see the wire string sticking straight up. Apply some oil around the eraser, so that the fiction won't heat it up.
  6. Get a pen where you can twist off the writing part. Stick the piece of pen through the wire string. Make sure that the tip of the pen is centered with the toothbrush.
  7. Grab a piece of duck tape and tape the pen and toothbrush together. This will stabilize the pen from moving, helping with precision tattoos. To sharpen the tip of the string cut it at a angle with the wire cutter. You may need to cut the string again, so that it dips below while it's being turned on.
  8. Now it's time to get some ink because you made a tattoo gun. Take a black pen and pour it close by. Remove any excessive ink and begin to tattoo with your tattoo gun.
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