How To Make A Taurus Fall In Love With You

Taurus women are known for being stubborn, but here is how to make a Taurus fall in love with you. If your lady's birthday falls between April 21 and May 21, she is definitely a Taurus. People who fall under the Taurus zodiac sign are known for being patient, reliable and loving. On the darker side of their personalities, they are also known for being jealous, possessive and resentful. If you really want a Taurus to fall in love with you, take their special zodiac personality characteristics into consideration.

  1. There's no getting around the stubbornness. One of the most commonly known facts about Taurus women is that they are stubborn. The earlier you learn to just deal with it, the easier it will be to make her fall in love with you. Once a Taurus woman has made up her mind, there is little chance of changing it. Unless its absolutely necessary for you to get your way, just go with what she's made up her mind about.
  2. Don't lie to her. Taurus women appreciate honesty. If you lie to her, she will find out and then any chance of her falling in love with you goes right out the window. Taurus women hate liars.
  3. Be understanding when she gets jealous. Taurus women are incredibly jealous and possessive. Keep the lines of communication open and try very hard not to give her any reasons to be jealous. When she does get jealous, don't attack her for it. Answer any questions that she has honestly and remember that this mood will pass.
  4. Talk to her. Going days without calling her will not put you on the fast track to making her fall in love with you. Rather than making you seem mysterious and desirable, it will make her resentful and she will lose interest.
  5. Don't let yourself become fully immersed in her world. While sharing interests is nice, a Taurus woman appreciates a man who has his own interests and his own life outside of her.
  6. Don't forget, a Taurus woman is still a woman! While keeping in mind her unique Taurus personality quirks, don't forget about the basic things about making a woman fall in love with you. Be courteous and respectful. Show her off to your friends. Be nice to her friends and family. Tell her she's beautiful. If she really is right for you, she'll be in love with you in no time.
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