How To Make A Tea Bag

If you are a hardcore tea junkie with a cabinet full of tins, bottles and bags of assorted teas, you will someday have to know how to make a tea bag. You never know when you will break your strainer, smash your teapot or completely lose your mind and burn down your house. These things happen in life. The only part you can be 100% sure of is you will not have a way to make any tea when you need it the most. A tea junkie probably won’t have any Lipton lying around, so you will have to improvise.

To make a tea bag, you might need:

  • Material such as muslin, cheesecloth, cotton, hemp or even a paper towel
  • String
  • Needle, thread or sewing machine
  1. Gather materials. To make a tea bag, you will need some sort of material to hold the tea. Muslin or cheesecloth will work the best. In a pinch, you can use anything from an old cotton t-shirt rag to a plain old white paper towel. Make sure you thoroughly rinse any of these items before using.
  2. Construct the tea bag.  To actually make a tea bag that you can reuse, cut a four inch piece of material. Poke two holes near the corners about a quarter of an inch below the top of the material and thread your string through. Leave some string hanging out. Fold the top over and sew the edge to create a tunnel for the string. Now, sew the sides and bottom shut with tight stitches but leave the top open for tea.
  3. Emergency tea bagging. To make a tea bag for an emergency situation, cut a four inch square of your material. Dump in some tea and fold all the corners up. Twist the ends of the material to help hold in the tea and tie off the top. Make sure you leave a little extra string so you don’t have to burn your fingers fishing the bag out of hot water
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