How To Make A Teamspeak Server

Whether you want to set up conference calls or lan parties, learn how to make a Teamspeak server. These servers allow people to connect to one network and communicate with each other which helps to save a lot of time and energy. Teamspeak servers can be used by paying a price on a monthly basis or they can be hosted for free. Either way making a Teamspeak server can be really easy if you follow these steps.

To make a Teamspeak server, you will need:

  • Teamspeak server program
  • Computer with internet
  1. Download the Teamspeak server program. Go to the Teamspeak website and click on the download button below Teamspeak server.
  2. Double click the Teamspeak server icon once it finishes downloading. Once the program starts it will show you an administrator username and password, write this down. These key pieces of information will only be given to you once so try not to lose it.
  3. While the server program is running start your Teamspeak client. Select "connections" and then "connect". In the address field insert your IP address and leave the default port field the way it is. Come up with a nickname but leave the password field blank.
  4. Click the connect button. This will confirm all of your information and connect you with your Teamspeak server. Once all of your information has been confirmed you can begin using your Teamspeak server.
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