How To Make Tech Deck Skate Park

Learning how to make Tech Deck skate park is essential for any serious tech deck boarder. Learning how to make Tech Deck skate park is not particularly hard and proves to be much better than purchasing a pre-made Tech Deck skate park.  You can build the skate park to your specifications, making it much more useful. Using ordinary household materials in addition to a few materials found in a crafts store; it is both easy and practical to build your own Tech Deck skate park. Below is a list of recommended supplies to make a Tech Deck skate park; you can use anything you would like, even if it is not listed.

To make a Tech Deck skate park, you will need:

  • Super glue
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Plastic Tupperware container
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Cardboard box
  1. Lay out a work space. Choose a work space where you want to build your Tech Deck skate park. Cut one side out of a large cardboard box if you wish to build the Tech Deck skate park on a base. Otherwise, begin building your Tech Deck skate park on an old table or other ample workspace.
  2. Layout the skate park. Using a pencil, tape or another medium, outline the skate park on your work space. Use the tape to mark where each obstacle will go in your skate park. Alternatively use a pencil or a pencil and paper to sketch the rough layout of the skate park.
  3. Begin construction. Begin constructing the larger elements of the Tech Deck skate park first. Build a ramp by cutting the cardboard box into pieces. Cut a long and fairly thin piece. Bend the piece to form the slope of a ramp. Cut several more pieces for the top and side of the ramp. Tape the pieces together on the underside of the ramp. Use super glue in addition to the tape to form a solid bond between each piece.
  4. Build half pipes and rails. Build both half pipes and rails for your skate park using popsicle sticks and pencils. Break a pencil in half and use it as a rail. Break several pencils in half and use two pieces for the legs and a longer piece for a rail. Secure the pieces together with tape and super glue.
  5. Build a pool. Build a pool for skate tricks using either the Tupperware container or a large bowl. Mount the pool below the Tech Deck skate park in a fashion in which only the top remains level with the skate park.
  6. Build additional structures. Using the popsicle sticks and glue, build additional structures. Build objects such as benches and ramps using the popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are very durable and make a great medium for a Tech Deck skate park.
  7. Paint the skate park. You can paint the skate park and sand down the edges of the pencils or other mediums to make a cleaner appearance. Mount the entire skate park in place on a flat piece of plywood, a cardboard box or another medium to make it portable.


  • Be creative. Using the aforementioned materials, it is impossible to make a full Tech Deck skate parks that looks as good as or better than a commercial Tech Deck skate park.
  • Continue adding to and building your Tech Deck skate park as you form new ideas.
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