How To Make Television RF Stronger

Learning how to make television RF stronger is necessary in some cases if the image on your screen is distorted or unclear. This can be from the strength of the signal being degraded as it travels a distance through cable or is affected by interference. One way to increase the signal strength is to use a TV signal amplifier. Follow these steps to make Television RF stronger.

What you will need:

  • Coaxial cable
  • Cable crimper
  • Cable compression tool
  • Cable stripper
  • Cable Cutter
  • Coaxial cable connectors
  • RF television signal amplifier
  1. Assess the reason the TV signal is weak. If you have a long length of cable spanning the distance from where the cable comes into your house to the television, you can use a signal amplifier.
  2. Find where the TV cable comes into your home. This is the best place to use an amplifier. Find the closest connection between two cable near this location
  3. Create a new cable connection if there is not one already. To do this, use the cable cutter to cut the coaxial TV cable. User the cable stripper to remove a small length of cable covering. 
  4. User the cable compression tool to connect a new coaxial cable connector. Follow the same process to connect a new end on each side of the new cable lengths.
  5. Install the TV signal amplifier. Attach the cable that goes to your TV to the output and the cable that comes into your home to the input. Attach the power cable to the amplifier.
  6. Test the connection to your TV. You may need to adjust the gain or amplification setting on the amplifier to fine tune the picture.
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