How To Make Temporary Tattoos

How to make temporary tattoos will only require some of the household products you may have in your home. Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among young adults because of how the media portrays them. A young adult will see a popular athlete or a musician and think it is cool to mimic them. They often will get a tattoo without any thought into what artwork they would permanently have for a long time. Although they can be lasered off, many don't want to go that route due to expense reasons. A good option is having some temporary tattoos.

Things you'll need in order to make temporary tattoos:

  • A mock drawing of what you want.

  • Tracing paper.

  • An indelible ink pencil; it should cost a little over $1.50.

  • Scissors

  • Clear gel deodorant (not something that leaves a white residue).

  • Fine point black permanent marker

  • Variety of colored fine-point permanent markers

  • 99 percent rubbing alcohol

  • Colorless loose powder and a thick make-up brush.

  • Cotton swabs (not tissue or cotton balls)


How to make temporary tattoos:

  1. Start tracing the drawing you made earlier onto tracing paper with the indelible ink pencil. Once you finished tracing, begin to cut the tracing paper around the the drawing.

  2. Grab the clear gel deodorant and apply a generous amount on the area you want your temporary tattoo at. Get the cut out tracing paper and where you applied the ink pencil, place it onto your skin firmly. Hold the drawing to your skin for 30 seconds.

  3. Carefully peel off the tracing paper that has your drawing. Now the drawing should look slightly faded; that's what you want. Get the black sharpie pen and outline the drawing that's on your skin.

  4. After you finished the outline, choose the colors you want on your temporary tattoos. Only apply the colors at the edges of where you used the black sharpie pen, so that the tattoo has half the colors you applied and half is showing your skin.

  5. Next is to soak your cotton swab in the 99 percent alcohol. Where you used the color sharpie pens at the edges, take the cotton swab and apply directly on the color and move it towards the skin where you don't have color. This will give it a faded look, making your temporary tattoos look realistic. Do this on the whole design. Remember to use the same cotton swab on the same color. Don't mix and mach different colors. If it looks too faded, apply your black sharpie pen, to give more definition to the temporary tattoos.

  6. The last step is to apply the white powder on your tattoo design with the make-up brush. It will give your temporary tattoos a realistic appeal. If the tattoo doesn't get rubbed, it can last for three days. If you want it to last longer, apply tissue on the temporary tattoo and seal the design with saran wrap each and ever time it's not being shown, especially when you sleep.

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