How To Make Temporary Wardrobe Closet

If you are short on storage, you might be wondering how to make a temporary wardrobe closet. There are a couple ways to make a temporary wardrobe closet. The shower curtain rod temporary closet is inexpensive and does not take much time.

This shower rod temporary wardrobe closet is one of the easiest ways to get some temporary storage for clothing. It requires little effort and works well for a smaller amount of clothes. You can just use the bathroom shower rod for a really quick fix. If you want to put it in another room, there are a few items that you will need.

What you need to make a temporary wardrobe closet:

  • Shower curtain rod
  1. Find a place to put up the shower rod. It stays up better when it is parallel to the wall, but putting it up diagonally is also possible. It works well between a tall shelf and the wall, or if you have a closet without a bar to hang clothing on.
  2. Place the shower rod in the location you want it, unexpanded. Pull the shower curtain rod until it is stays firmly in place. If you are placing it diagonally against the walls, you may need to place something in the gap between the wall and the half of the shower rod that is not touching. A wad of paper works. A small piece of soap with the angle between the wall and shower curtain rod cut into it both work well also.
  3. Hang clothing in your temporary wardrobe closet. It can accommodate a few outfits depending on the weight of the clothing. If it is overloaded, it will fall down.  



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