How To Make A Tennis Ball Gun

If you want a cool and simple do-it-yourself project, then you should learn how to make a tennis ball gun. While there are many ways you can make a tennis ball, we are going to show the easiest and most effective way to make it. You can make this tennis ball gun in as little as ten to twenty minutes. So here it is your simple guide to make a tennis ball gun.

To make a tennis ball gun, you will need:

  • Tennis balls
  • PVC pipe (or three soda cans)
  • Hairspray or lighter fluid
  • Lighter
  1. Gather all the materials. PVC pipe with the length that will fit a tennis ball is much more desirable than three soda cans duct taped together. However, if you are having trouble finding a PVC pipe, then you can cut the top and bottom of two soda cans and the top of one soda can, and duct tape them together. This is really important, as it serves as the barrel of your tennis ball gun. If you have an appropriate PVC pipe, then find a solid backing, such as a metal sheet to cover one end of the pipe.
  2. Cut a small opening at the bottom of your barrel. Try to cut the small hole as close to the bottom as possible. If you are using a PVC pipe, then you should use drills to help you cut the hole.
  3. Spray Hairspray or lighter fluid into the barrel. Then slide the tennis ball into the barrel as quickly as possible. Light the fluid through the small hole at the bottom of the barrel.

Warning: Do not do this without adult supervision as both lighter fluid and hairspray are extremely flammable. Make sure that your testing area is free of other flammable substances. Always sit your tennis ball gun on the ground before proceeding to fire.

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