How To Make Testicles Strong

Are you a man who wants to know how to make testicles strong? A man with strong testicles has higher self-esteem and better luck with women. They also are more assertive, aggressive and take more risks then men who do not have strong testicles. The reason for that is there is more testosterone in the blood stream. If you have large, full heavy and smaller then usual testicles, you need to know there are some reasons this could be happening. Drinking alcohol and taking prescription drugs can affect your sex drive. Estrogenic foods, steroid use, estrogen levels and analgesics can all cause testicle problems. However, there are ways to help your situation. If you do not feel comfortable with any of the solutions listed here, you can always consult your doctor for more information on making your testicles stronger. Continue below to learn how to make testicles strong.

  1. Start with a testicle massage. Massaging the testicles will make them stronger and helps produce more testosterone. Massaging can be done three times a day for five or six minutes. If it hurts stop the massage.
  2. Try a ball zinger. Wear a ball zinger around your testicles. The zinger uses electric currents to stimulate Leydig in the the testicles. This helps produce more testosterone.
  3. Last but not least, stop drinking alcohol. Don't drink as much alcohol as you usually do and don't use many prescription drugs. Cutting back on alcohol and prescription drugs can help you regain the strong testicles you once had.
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