How To Make Thanksgiving Decorations

Need to know how to make Thanksgiving decorations? Nothing will perk up your Thanksgiving meal like a few well placed decorations. Making your own Thanksgiving decorations can be easy and fun when you follow these simple instructions:

To make Thanksgiving decorations you will need:

  • large basket
  • low glass or plastic bowl suitable to fit inside the basket
  • florists foam
  • assortment of flowers and foliage in Thanksgiving colors
  • mini pumpkins and winter squash
  1. Start the table centerpiece. Begin making your Thanksgiving table centerpiece decoration by first cutting the florist's foam to fit inside the bowl. Place the bowl inside the basket.
  2. Add the flowers. Poke the flower stems into the florist's foam, leaving enough space between flowers to insert the foliage. Place the longer stems in the center of the foam, and the shorter stems near the outside. You may need to trim some of the stems to get them to fit well. 
  3. Add the foliage. After inserting all of the flowers into the foam, begin inserting the foliage stems into the foam, interspersed between the flower stems.  Again, put the longer stems in the middle of the Thanksgiving centerpiece decoration, and put the shorter stems near the outside. Make sure to cover the foam entirely with the foliage, so that none of the florists foam shows through. 
  4. Add the water. Add water to the bowl to moisten the florist's foam and keep the flowers and foliage looking fresh.
  5. Place the centerpiece. Place the centerpiece in the middle of your dining table, surrounding it with a few of the mini pumpkins and winter squash.
  6. More pumpkins. Place additional mini pumpkins and winter squash at strategic places around the room to use as natural Thanksgiving decorations.
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