How To Make A Tie Up For A Fishing Boat

Learning how to make a tie up for a fishing boat can be fairly easy. Cleats, which may be purchased, should be installed on the dock and boats must have rope that can tightly secure them to cleats. The following is how to make an appropriate tie up for fishing boats.

Materials for Making a Boat Tie Up

  • 2-4 cleats
  • Drill and screws
  • Rope

How to Make a Tie Up for a Fishing Boat

  1. If making a tie up for a boat in a boat slip (a space with two small docks surrounding it), you will need 4 cleats. These should be installed so that one is on each side of the slip where the front of the boat will rest, and the other two (one on each side), toward the back of where the boat will rest in the slip.
  2. If not making a tie up in a slip, but rather along a dock, only two cleats are necessary. One of these should be installed where the front of the boat will be when it is tied up, and the other, on the dock even with where the back of the boat will rest.
  3. Rope will then be stretched from the cleats or connection points on the boat to the corresponding cleats on the docks. If tying up along the side of a dock (with two cleats), connect, with rope, the back cleat on one side of the boat to the cleat that corresponds with the front of the boat, but is on the dock, and connect the cleat on the front of the boat to the back cleat on the dock.
  4. If tying up in a slip, using long rope, attach the cleat on the back of right of the boat to the cleat corresponding with the front-starboard side of the boat on the dock, and connect, with rope, the front right cleat on the boat to the back right cleat on the dock, making an X shape, and do the same on the left. If the boats are moderately tight, and the boat is positioned well, this will prevent the boat from swaying enough to knock into the dock.

Although several cleats and a lot of rope can be necessary, the above method for making a fishing boat tie up is effective, and helps to prevent the boat from sustaining damage by hitting the dock.



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