How To Make A Timeline On Microsoft Word

If you want to learn how to make a timeline using Microsoft Word, it is easy to do so.  With any of the Microsoft Office programs, you have access to Microsoft Office Online.  You can download templates for any number of projects using Microsoft Office Online.  If you want to make a timeline in Word, you only have to search for and download a timeline template. 

  1. Open Microsoft Word.  Double-click the Word shortcut on your desktop or go to your programs list and open Word. 
  2. Open the Word menu.  Click the Office button located at the top, left-hand corner of the page.  The Word menu will open.
  3. Access the "New Document" window.  Click the "New" button and the "New Document" window will open.  You can create a template or blank document here.
  4. Enter search terms in the search bar.  Look to the top of the "New Document" window to find the Microsoft Office Online search bar.  Enter "timeline" in the search bar to find a timeline template to download for Word.  Click the arrow button to start searching.
  5. Download a template.  After you enter the search term, several Word timeline templates you can choose from will open.  Click the timeline to preview it.  After you find the template you want to use, click "Download."  The timeline template will open in a new Word document.
  6. Enter information for the timeline.  Remove the sample information from the timeline and enter the information you want included. 

Tip: You can change the colors of the timeline boxes by right-clicking over the box you want to change and selecting "Format AutoShape."  When the dialog box opens, click the "Colors and Lines" tab and click the arrow next to "Colors" so you can choose a color you want to use for your timeline.


Word Timeline

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