How To Make A Tire Horse Swing

Need to know how to make a tire horse swing? Making a tire swing that looks like a horse is not only a fun idea, but a green idea as well. This idea has been a backyard favorite for many generations, but is also a way to recycle an old tire. Many models and designs of tire swings can be purchased for $80 or more, but the most popular is the homemade tire horse swing. This swing can be made inexpensively with some elbow grease and a little ingenuity.

To build a tire horse swing, you will need:

  • One bias ply tire
  • Heavy or industrial shears
  • A large piece of poster board
  • Chalk or a crayon
  • Five or six long bolts and nuts
  • Two equal lengths of rope (chain can also be used)
  1. Place the tire flat on the poster board and draw an outline of the inside and outside of the tire. Here comes the difficult part. A template will need to be drawn, a sketched outline of a horse. The tire will be folded inside out after the template shape is cut from the tire.
  2. Begin drawing the head and ears. Remember this will be reversed when cut out. It will look like a horse head with the ears flat. Delineate each additional portion so that you have a neck separated from the back and the haunches will be separated from the tail. Do not design it as separate pieces, however. It should all fold as one piece. When completed, the tail and head should meet in the center.
  3. Mark the joints where you will bolt the figure. Label all the portions of your horse, such as the neck, head, back, etc. Mark out the portions that will be cut from the tire. Remove the excess paper from your template and then paste it over the tire. Using chalk, trace this template onto the tire so that the template can be removed to make cutting easier.
  4. Cut along the traced lines of your template using the heavy shears. Make sure to cut both sidewalls of the tire evenly to make turning the tire inside out easier. As you shape the tire, you can hold it in place with the bolts. Starting with the head, you can bolt the nose (nostrils) of the horse, and the cheeks can also be bolted with the top of the neck.
  5. Continue forming and bolting the horse together from the neck to the back and then the haunches. Loop the tail back onto itself. This will help the tail take shape and will create the seat of the swing. Now you can secure the swing using the two lengths of rope or chain to a high, sturdy tree limb. Loop the lengths through the head and tail.
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