How To Make A Toga Out Of A Sheet

Whether it be a college party or time to find a costume for Halloween, you want to know how to make your own toga out of a sheet. It is the perfect last minute outfit that requires only a few materials and can be thrown together in no time. Feel free to add other items to personalize your look.

To make a toga out of a sheet you will need:

  • a sheet (large enough to wrap around you)
  • a belt, rope, or something else to tie around your waist pins (the best are diaper pins)
  1. Unwrap a sheet. Depending on the how to make a toga out of a sheet, you may want to try a few different sizes to get just the right fit. The larger the sheet the longer the toga will be and the more you will you will have to work with.
  2. Lay the sheet out flat in front of you. The longer sides should be at the top and bottom with the short sides to your left and right. Take one top corner of the sheet in each hand. Place the sheet behind you as if you were going to be wrapping yourself in it like a towel.
  3. Bring your hands together at one shoulder. This is one of the most important steps of how to make a yoga. You need to attach those two corners right at your shoulder. While you can tie the two corners together you will spend the evening with an awkward knot right up by your face. Use the pins to attach the two corners. If possible, try to hide the pins so the toga looks more natural.
  4. Cover the important stuff. If you are learning how to make a toga out of a sheet and plan to wear nothing else, chances are you want to cover up things that shouldn't been seen. (At least until the party gets going.) Take the two sides of the sheet in front and back of you and attach them together somewhere around the waist area.
  5. Once the sides are attached decide whether or not you want to have something else to hold the toga together at the waist. You can use a belt or rope. After wrapping it around you can then pull out some of the slack around your torso so that it isn't too tight.
  6. Decide what to wear with the toga. After figuring out how to make a toga out of a sheet you might want to take it off and figure out what, if anything you are going to wear underneath it. It isn't going to look as interesting or authentic if you wear a t-shirt under it, but if might make you feel a little more comfortable if the weather is going to be chilly.

Once you know how to make a toga out of a sheet you have an easy to make costume to wear at multiple events.  

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