How To Make A Tostitos Entree

If you learn how to make a Tostitos Entree, you can let your imagination run wild! Tostitos can be used in a variety of ways to make an entree. They also have the benefit of being inexpensive and loved by most people. The very consistency of Tostitos makes them a food that can be used in a variety of dishes.

  1. Vegetarian Dish. Make a Tostitos entree to satisfy vegetarian diners by covering the Tostitos with chili sauce and fresh vegetables like onions and green peppers. Add some cheese and sour cream for those who consume dairy products. A dish like this without sour cream has a mere 370 calories and really has the potential to satisfy your vegetarian and meat-eating friends all at once!
  2. Coating. If you want to make a Tostitos entree that involves chicken, why not crunch up some Tostitos, add some of your favorite seasoning and use the mixture to coat your chicken or pork chops before baking them. Please note that the coating is likely to stick better if you dip the chicken or pork in water, eggs, or milk before putting the coating on.
  3. Bottom Crust. Make a Tostitos entree by using crushed Tostitos as the bottom crust for a casserole dish. Simply crush the Tostitos so that they are in smaller pieces and will lay flat on the the bottom of the casserole dish. Cover the Tostitos with whatever you are using as a casserole, bake at the temperature called for in your recipe and voila, you have a Tostitos entree!
  4. Top Crust. Some people prefer a top crust on their casseroles as opposed to a bottom crust. One really great method of making a Tostitos entree by using Tostitos for the top crust is to crush the Tostitos, sprinkle them on top of the casserole, then cover with a light layer of cheese before baking! This is one sneaky way to add vegetables to the casserole. Your kids don't notice they are there because they are too busy enjoying the Tostitos.
  5. Taco Salad. Of course, Tostitos can be used to make a taco salad as well. Simply brown the ground beef, add your preferred seasoning, then put the beef in the bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, crushed Tostitos, french dressing, and cheese for a tasty taco salad.


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