How To Make A Tower Defense In Warcraft 3

If you can figure out how to build a tower, you can easily learn how to build a tower defense in "Warcraft 3." The defenses differ slightly for each of the four races in the game. Night elves cannot build a tower defense. Instead, they build similar defenses by planting trees that can throw rocks. As any night elf can tell you, the ancient protectors are really not that old.

To build a tower defense in "Warcraft 3" you will need:

  • A City Hall, a Great Hall, a Necropolis, or a Tree of Ages
  • Necessary tech upgrades for the human cannon tower
  • The barbed building upgrade for the horde
  • Acolytes, Peons, Peasants or Wisps

To build a "Warcraft 3" tower defense in alliance version

  1. Build the scout towers. Make sure you have a barracks. Upgrade the tower so it can shoot ballista bolts. In later games, build a forge so you can make cannon towers.
  2. Place cannon towers and ballista towers close together. The cannon towers cannot take out air defenses, but they will obliterate ground units. The ballistas fire more slowly than their cannon counterparts, but can take out air units easily. Ballista towers can fire at land and ground forces.
  3. Keep peasants nearby to repair the towers. Move the peasants away from danger as needed. Alliance forces can convert peasants to militia forces in times of great need. 

To build a "Warcraft 3" tower defense in the horde version:


  1. Start by building a great hall and a few farms. Train Peons and a barracks. Erect a few towers on the edge of your base. Spread the towers in a zigzag pattern. Make sure to form a defensive perimeter
  2. Construct a lumber mill. Horde buildings can protect themselves with defensive spikes. Buy the defensive spikes upgrade. The defensive spikes do damage to melee units that attack the building.
  3. Station peons in nearby farms. The farms can house peons, who can aid in the defense of your town when it is attacked. Move the peons out of the building to repair the towers.

To build a "Warcraft 3" tower defense in the undead version:

  1. Build a Necropolis and train a few more Acolytes. Have them build zigguarats. The ziggurats serve as the undead farms.
  2. Buy the spirit tower upgrade. The upgrade makes each zigguarat into a defensive unit. Unlike the the alliance, horde, or night elves towers, you can not give the ziggurats additional offensive or defensive capabilities.
  3. Place two or three towers in rows at key points. The ziggurats can fire at both land and air forces. It helps if you place something to back up their firepower near them.

To build a "Warcraft 3" tower defense in the night elf version:

  1. Build a tree of ages. You start out with the tree already made in some versions. This building lets you train wisps, which you can use to mine, collect lumber and collect other buildings.
  2. Plant the trees necessary to train your basic forces. Train sentinels and huntresses to give you a basic defense. You do not need tech upgrades for the Night Elves
  3. Convert wisps into ancient guardians. When you convert the wisp into a guardian, it lays in the ground in range mode. You can have these units get up and walk. They do not count against your unit limit. The trees throw rocks slowly, so it might not hurt to have a few elves with quick bows near them while you are building up your army.
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