How to Make a Travel Brochure

So you want to know how to make a travel brochure? Basic page layout skill is a plus, as is knowledge of a layout program such as Adobe InDesign. All of these things are a skill that can be taught and you'll be making a travel brochure in no time.

To make a travel brochure, you will need:

  • Computer
  • Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word
  • Photos
  • Copy (for the content)
  1. Write content – Writing good, informative content is a good preliminary step in making a travel brochure. What would you like to say? What is the purpose of your brochure? Whether you want to persuade people to travel to a certain location or just have information about a culture or city, writing good, succinct content is the important guts of the travel brochure.
  2. Gather photos – Gather photos or illustrations that may or may not make it to the final draft of your travel brochure. The more photos and variations you have, the easier it will be to narrow down to the perfect shot.
  3. Make a brochure mock-up – A brochure mock-up is a fold-out on blank, scratch paper that will help you visualize the final product of the travel brochure. Fold this into three sections, like a standard tri-fold brochure. Mock out the layout by using a writing utensil to sketch out where you'd like images and paragraphs to go. Don't forget the title page that will go on the front panel of the brochure. The mock-up will help you figure out where each panel should be designated so that when you unfold the brochure, you can start to design each element in the correct panels.
  4. Layout your travel brochure – Design professionals use InDesign but Microsoft Word can also work; there are even templates for making brochures. Using a three column grid is standard for making a brochure layout. Use your mock-up travel brochure as a guide to make sure you're designing the title page, back page, and inside contents in the correct panels. Take your text tool and copy and paste your content into the text box. For more advanced editing, you can link your text boxes together so that the content shifts from panel to panel without having to copy and paste multiple times. Add in the images you'd like and make sure everything looks good.
  5. Save as PDF – Once everything looks great and you've got your final draft, save the document as a PDF.
  6. Take it to a printer – Take your brochure to a local printer and see your travel brochure come to life.

If this sounds like too much work, you can always hire a professional graphic designer to do the travel brochure for you. Be prepared to provide content and images, as the preliminary gathering of information is still your personal responsibility.

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