How To Make Tree Climbing Spikes

Whether you are just trying to get a better view or trying to reach a higher point, knowing how to make tree climbing spikes is a valuable skill that any hiker or camper should know. Tree climbing spikes are fantastic in aiding your climb up almost any type of tree. With a few easy-to-follow steps, you’ll have your climbing spikes created in no time and will be ready to climb any tree!

To make tree climbing spikes, you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Heavy duty straps
  • An angle grinder
  • Steel rods
  • A blow torch
  1. Measure your lower legs. This will aid you in creating the straps that will hold the spikes in position later on down the road. Make sure to take note of these measurements. Remember to measure from the bottom of your foot to your knee and to perform this measurement while standing on a flat, even surface.
  2. Sharpen the steel rods. Use an angle grinder to sharpen the ends of two steel rods. You will only need to sharpen one end of each rod. Make sure to test the sharpened point on wood to ensure that it will not bend or break and will be sharp enough to dig into the wood.
  3. Bend the rods to fit your foot width. Using a blow torch, make a 90-degree angle bend. This bend will go underneath the foot, so make sure to measure everything out properly before doing this step. You want to make sure you have enough steel rod to work with. At this stage your spike should look like a long steel rod that travels down the side of your lower leg and then underneath your boot. Now, with the length of rod that is underneath your boot, make another 90-degree angle bend. This should cause a small section of rod to be protruding from the underside of your boot.
  4. Attach the spike. There are several ways to attach the climbing spikes, including attaching the spike to a leather or other heavy-duty strap and attaching the strap in a loop over the toe of the boot. However, for added security you can attach the spike by driving it into the side sole of the boot.

Make sure to take time and care when creating tree climbing spikes. If you need to you can view standard spike designs at sites, like the one linked below, that carry a wide range of boot spikes. You want to make sure you don’t rush the creation process. The last thing you want is for the spikes to break or malfunction when you’re high up in a tree. Also be wary of the tip of the spike at all times when making your spikes. These can cause serious injury before you even get into the trees.

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