How To Make A Treestand For Hunting

Deer Hunters always need to know how to make a treestand for hunting. Hunters put treestands in multiple locations before the season starts. A hunter may have ten or more stands out in a season and making a treestand for hunting reduces some of the expense.

To make a treestand for hunting, you need:

  • old antenna masts
  • deer stand seat or old lawn chair
  • lumber
  1. Find old antenna masts. These make great ladders. Two masts seated one on top of the other provide a great height for mounting a deer stand. Many people no longer use their old antenna system and will give them away for just taking them.
  2. If you are using a bought treestand seat, select the best tree near the deer path that can accommodate the mounting straps and still give a good line of shot. Use ratchet straps to mount the antenna masts to the tree and work up the tree installing a second mast and strapping it down to the tree. Finally install the treestand seat.
  3. For more customized tree stands, in a permanent location, use lumber to make an elevated platform. The addition of walls and roof add protection from the weather. There's no limit to what you can come up with.
  4. Another method is to use an old lawn chair and either spray paint or re-web the chair with nature colored webbing. Strap an antenna mast on either side of the chair, with the chair at the top. Make sure it's secure. Lean the chair up against a tree and strap the whole thing to the tree.
  5. Clear branches in the line of sight, once the stand method chosen is attached. You'll need a friend to help unless you want to get in and out of the tree frequently during the process.

Always use a safety harness. Never go out in the woods unless you notify someone where you are and when you will be back. It's best to always go out with a buddy for extra safety.

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