How To Make A Tri-Fold Wallet

Learning how to make a tri-fold wallet is a fun and easy project. Wallets are often plain. Designer wallets can be pricey. You can easily create a unique tri-fold wallet to coordinate with every outfit. Make the wallets for yourself or give them as gifts. Your girlfriend would love a beautiful handmade tri-fold wallet! You can choose any color combination you like.

In order to make a tri-fold wallet, you will need:

  • Two different pieces of fabric, try a printed and solid.
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Tape measure
  1. Start with two different pieces of fabric. Select which piece you want to be your outside. We will call it fabric A. The remaining fabric is the interior fabric. It will be called B. Cut both into 4×12 inch rectangles. Set aside fabric A. You will not need to use it until the end.
  2. Cut a smaller patch from the scraps of fabric B. It should be about 4×3, but you can use your own discretion. This will be used as a pocket to hold cards or change. For a money pocket, cut a piece that measures about 4×8.
  3. Stitch the pockets on fabric B. If you would like, you can use strips of ribbon to outline the pockets. Use a contrasting color to add dimension. Gluing the ribbon around the pounds not only looks pretty, but it covers the stitching and imperfections.
  4. Place fabric A and B together. Sew around the perimeter. Leave the left-hand side open. It is kind of like making a pillow. Then fold the wallet into thirds and use an iron to press. Add more ribbon around the edges.
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