How To Make A Tubeless Bike Tire

Mountain bikers like to know how to make a tubeless bike tire. Tubeless bike tires have recently become popular for use in mountain bikes and are also gradually being considered for road bicycles as well. A tubeless tire is basically a tire without the inner tube. There are several benefits of using tubeless tires. There is no fear of pinch flats, neither are you worried about maintaining tire pressures. Even if you do not have rims that are compatible with tubeless tires, there is no cause for worry as you can easily convert a non-tubeless tire into a tubeless one by using some special tools.

Things you'll need to make a tubeless bike tire:

  • Tubeless rim strip
  • Tire levers
  • Tire sealant
  • Liquid soap-diluted
  • Air compressor
  1. Press the valve of the inner tube and deflate the tire. Wedge the tire levers below the bead of the tire in order to remove the inner tube.
  2. Take out the rim strip. This is the plastic or cloth strip that covers the spike holes on the inner side of the rim.
  3. Mount the tubeless rim strip. In case there is a valve hole or a valve attached to the rim strip. Ensure that it is in line with the valve hole of the rim. When installing the rim strip, make sure it is leveled along the rim and is not lopsided or entangled anywhere.
  4. Remount one portion of the tire. Using your hands roll the tire bead back onto the rim. Now gradually pour some tire sealant on the open side of the tire to seal it. Read the package of the tire sealant to know the exact amount of sealant to be used for a tire.
  5. Using your hands, close the open side as well as the tire levers, if necessary. Once the open side has been closed, spray soap water or a neutral cleaner on both sides of the bead of the tire.
  6. Use the air compressor to inflate the tire. The tire will make popping sound as it begins to inflate and the bead is attached. Stop inflating at regular intervals and watch the line of the bead while spinning the wheel. You will notice that the bead dips inwards wherever there are unseated sections. Carry on inflating till the bead is completely seated, or till the maximum pressure recommended for the tire is reached. In case maximum pressure is reached and the tire is still not seated, let out the air, spray some more soapy water and begin inflating the tire again.
  7. Turn the seated and inflated tire in your hands in order to allow the sealant to spread evenly inside the tire.
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