How To Make An Unconventional Percussion Groups

If you are getting a bit bored just drumming on your drum set, you may want to learn how to make an unconventional percussion group. An unconventional percussion group is a group that uses multiple objects to create sounds. These objects are not the standard drums you see in drum corps. The objects can range from trash can lids to five-gallon buckets. The only limitation in unconventional percussion groups is the group's imagination.

To make an unconventional percussion group, you will need:

  • Unconventional percussion instruments
  • Musicians interested in unconventional percussion
  • A practice area where the noise will not bother your neighbors
  1. Decide on the size of your group. Try to decide how many people you want in the group before you set out to find members. If the group is too large it may be hard to organize. A nice-sized group is between five and eight members.
  2. Look for drummers. A good drummer can drum on anything and keep a beat. Look to a high school or college band for drummers. Talk to percussion teachers and ask if they know any band members that would be interested in joining an unconventional percussion group.
  3. Hold try outs. Pick a day to have interested drummers show off their talent. Have them prepare a rhythm on whatever item or material they choose. Try to find a place where the loud noise will not be bothersome to other people.
  4. Choose the group. If you had a large number of drummers interested in your unconventional percussion group, you may need to cut some of them. Try to choose the drummers that had the most original instruments and made the best sounds. It will be beneficial to the group to pick a percussionist who is able to dance. Part of keeping rhythm in an unconventional percussion band involves stomping and clapping; a person who dances well will make this look better.
  5. Practice together. Get ideas from the new group members. Find out what items they think will be good to use for the band. Use your practices to combine different materials to achieve different sounds. Use this time to put together beats and body movements.

Once your unconventional percussion band is ready to show off in public, talk to people about booking your unique band for a show. Make up flyers to hang up offering to play at local events. A great way to get exposure for your band is to play at a local park. You will get many curious onlookers coming up to see what your unconventional percussion band is all about. Making an unconventional percussion band may be hard work, but it's well worth it once you hear the group in action.

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