How To Make Useful Gadgets

Knowing how to make useful gadgets that can use in your everyday life will not only save you money, but also make you the coolest geek in town.  Whether it's a toaster with an alarm clock or a wristwatch with a dog whistle, you no doubt have countless crazy ideas that could change the world.  So, stop thinking about all the cool useful gadgets you could create and actually start making them.  Here are some sure-fire tips to help you start making useful gadgets right away.

In order to make useful gadgets, you will need:

  • Paper and a pencil
  • A local hardware store
  • Schematics or blueprints of similar gadgets
  1. Start recording your ideas.  The first step to make useful gadgets is to carry around paper and pencil and jot down all your great ideas.  Everyone knows the saying "Necessity is the mother of invention" and it's true!  When you start giving yourself a chance to write down your great ideas, you'll be surprised at how quickly you notice things that would make your life easier, faster, or more fun.
  2. Turn your ideas into sketches.  In order to make useful gadgets, you'll need to turn your simple ideas into more detailed, developed sketches.  Fortunately, a number of software programs now make this easier than ever.  
  3. Locate schematics for similar devices.  There's no point trying to make your useful gadget completely from scratch, so use online resources to find free schematics of similar devices.  There are websites which will give you free access to loads of blueprints and schematics that will help you better understand how to turn your idea into a reality.  The best inventors know how to splice together parts of different devices to create something entirely new.
  4. Head to your hardware store and start building.  You might think that a hardware store is only helpful if you're building a deck or fixing your plumbing, but you'd be surprised how many great resources they have for helping you make useful gadgets.  A full-service hardware store is like heaven for a gadget inventor, so start exploring and don't be afraid to ask.  Bring the schematics you've found to reference and show employees at the store.

With a little creativity, technical know-how, and luck, these simple steps will help you wind up with an amazing invention on your hands.  You might even end up being the next Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell.

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