How To Make A Vest Out Of Jeans

Learn how to make a vest out of jeans and you can have a matching outfit as unique as you are. Old jeans, worn out in some spots, make great fabric for making something new like a vest. Wear the jeans vest with jeans that look similar for a matching look or wear the jeans vest with a more formal pair of pants for a totally different look. Change it up even more with the blouse or shirt you wear with the vest made out of jeans.

To make a vest out of jeans, you will need:

  • several pair of jeans, depending on the size of vest
  • vest pattern
  • sewing machine with heavy duty needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  1. Find jeans. Use your old jeans or go to a thrift store to find jeans to use to make a vest.
  2. Cut out the pattern. Cut out the individual vest pattern pieces so you know how large a piece of fabric you'll need for each piece. Remember, you will need one back piece and two front panels for the vest. Look at the individual pattern to see if you need any other pieces such as facing for the vest.
  3. Examine the jeans. Before cutting the jeans, take a good look at the jeans you'll use for the fabric to make the vest. Unless you're making a very small adult vest or a child's vest, you will have to sew some of the jeans pieces together to make a large enough piece, especially for the back piece.
  4. Cut the jeans. With an idea of what parts of the jeans you will use for what part of the vest, begin disassembling the jeans. Cut up the inseam of the pant legs so you can lay the fabric out flat for each leg. The back or seat of the jeans may be large enough to use for the back of the vest. If not, piece together parts of the jeans and sew the pieces together to have large enough chunks of fabric for all of the vest pieces.
  5. Lay out the pattern. Set the pattern on the fabric and pin down the pattern.
  6. Cut out the pieces. Cut out the vest pieces from the jeans.
  7. Sew the vest. Look at the vest pattern instructions and sew the vest.
  8. Embellish the vest. Use pockets from the jeans to add to the vest or fray the hems for a more rugged look, if desired.



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