How To Make A Vest From A Sweatshirt

Would you like to know how to make a vest from a sweatshirt? You probably do since you chose to read this article, yes? To make a vest from a sweatshirt isn’t as much difficult as it is unpunctual, so if patience isn’t something you’ve got much of, this will be mentally wearisome for you. This project isn’t too tedious and it requires some very basic sewing and gluing skills. Just check out the steps below and you’ll have your very own DIY sweatshirt vest…eventually.

To make a vest from a sweatshirt, you will need:

  • thread
  • scissors
  • buttons
  • pencils or black pen/marker
  • paper
  • glue gun
  1. Cut things off. To get a vest from a sweater, first get rid of excess material and cut the sleeves off about ½” or ¾” from the shoulder seam. Just leave a little flap of extra fabric there; you’ll see why later.
  2. Front and center. Once those sleeves are off, you’ll have to make a few cuts down the front of the sweatshirt so it opens like a vest, and the first is a cut right down the middle from top to bottom. If you need to, draw a line to cut along. If the sweatshirt fits you a bit looser than what you’d fancy, hack off fabric from the newly-sliced front edges in half-inch increments until you reach a snugness you like. Like with step two, be sure to leave that little tiny bit of excess material on the edges.
  3. Fix the neckline. If you want your vest to have a high neck, don’t do anything to it. If you would like a collar that plunges, draw the kind of incline you want for one side/flap on the front on a sheet of paper (again, with the half-inch of space). Cut the shape out and use it as a pattern, and trace it onto that side of the vest. Once that’s done, flip the pattern over and trace around the pattern onto the opposite side, and try to make sure the patterns are roughly even. Once you have that, chop off the fabric along the lines. Don’t worry if there’s some ink on the edges – it won’t be visible in the completed product.
  4. Bust out the gun. Here’s where hot glue comes in. All you need to do is to gradually apply glue to the edges of the arm openings and the front flaps…basically, anywhere you made scissors cuts. After that, carefully fold the edges in about one half-inch and hold them in place until the glue is firm. This is to eliminate frayed edges and ink spots on the sweatshirt. You can also sew these edges, but it’s a lot easier to glue them.
  5. Close it up. Use the scissors and make some small snips in one of the vest’s front flaps (not where the glue is) large enough to slip the button through sideways. Try to make them spaced about equally apart. Afterward, lay the vest down flat on the floor or on a table and sew some buttons onto the opposing front flap so they line up horizontally with the holes.
  6. Beautify. The first six steps should have resulted in a very rudimentary vest from a sweatshirt. At this point, you can add whatever you want to the vest formerly known as sweatshirt to make it more unique or custom to your tastes. The glue gun will become very helpful at this point, and you can glue whatever you like to the finished piece. Just wait for everything to dry before wearing it, especially if you happen to come into regular contact with long-haired animals. Having a sweater-vest handy is a good thing, and you can customize yours so you don’t look like an old man if you’re trying to avoid that look.


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