How To Make Victorian Valentines Decorations

Need to know how to make Victorian Valentine's decorations? Beautiful Victorian Valentine's decorations can be made in a snap! If you are looking for ideas to recreate the romantic Victorian Era for a party or gathering, then look no further! You can create create lovely Victorian Valentine's decorations for the day of love by following a few simple steps. We will show you how to make a rose wreath and garland in minutes!

To make Victorian Valentine's Day decorations, you will need:

  • A Styrofoam heart
  • 60 red and white silk roses, about 1.5" in width
  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paint, red or white
  • Ribbon
  • A straight pin
  • Wire cutters
  • 10 or more heart-shaped doilies
  • Red and white baker's twine
  • Red rose petals
  • A white lace tablecloth
  1. To make Victorian Valentine's decorations, start by painting. Paint the Styrofoam heart using the red or white paint. Let it dry.
  2. Add the ribbon. Fold the ribbon into a loop. Stick a straight pin through both ends. Pin it in place at the top of the heart. This will be used to hold the wreath.
  3. Snip the rose stems. Use the wire cutters to snip off the stems of the roses, just below the base.
  4. Position the flowers. Start at the middle of the heart. Begin working your way out. You can alternate colors or select randomly. Push the base of the silk rose into the Styrofoam in order to make an impression. Remove the flower. Apply the hot glue to the impression, then place flower back on. Once the heart is covered, hang where desired.
  5. Gather the doilies. String the red and white twine through the holes to connect the doilies together. This will create an elegant garland.
  6. Decorate the tables. Drape the tablecloth over the table. Scatter rose petals on top of the table.

These Victorian Valentine's decorations will go a long way towards giving your Valentine's Day party the right look and feel. Happy Valentine's Day!



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