How To Make A Vietnamese Kite

A Vietnamese kite is cool to make and even cooler to fly! You can impress all your friends by flying an awesome Vietnamese kite. You can customize and decorate your kite any way you like. Vietnamese kites are simple to make!

In order to make a Vietnamese kite, you will need:

  • Square twelve inch piece of paper
  • Tape
  • Bamboo reeds
  • String
  1. Cut the piece of paper into a square measuring twelve inches. Lay the plastic stick across the center of the paper to make the square into a diamond. Tape into place. This forms the spine of the kite.
  2. Fold the bottom portion of the paper square over the bottom piece of the bamboo reed. Tape it in place. Fold the corners of the tape to the outside nose for added reinforcement.
  3. Measure the reed to be used as an arch for the Vietnamese kite. This should go from the right to the left side of the diamond. The curve should be significant.
  4. Tape the arch reed into place. Cover securely with more tape.
  5. Fold the side flaps of the kite over where the arch reed ends are located. Tape them down. Turn the kite over so the smooth side is showing.
  6. Poke holes in the kite for the bridle. These should be placed near where the straight reed is located. Type loops with the string. Tie a string to fly the Vietnamese kite.
  7. Tape on streamers for tails. Make sure you keep the tails balanced on each side. You can use paper or Mylar streamers. You can spray paint or decorate the kite with markers.
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