How To Make Vintage Bicycle Fenders

You can learn how to make a vintage bicycle fender for practical purposes or for looks. Do you happen to be a cyclist who has that adventurous streak and does not bother about the weather even if it’s a storm? Or you are a biker enjoying a ride on the mountains more than half of the year, even if it is raining? Whichever describes your passion the best, fenders prove to be helpful at times. They fit comfortably on the tires and the fender fitted onto the rear tire will ensure that you are clean and not wet. You can use the following steps to make fenders for your vintage bike, which won’t cost you more than $3.

Things you will need to make a vintage bicycle fender:

  • Underground garden fencing (Plastic)—three feet in length
  • Two coat hangers (Metallic) 
  • Zip ties or an electrical tape or
  • Scissors
  1. Begin with cutting the fencing in to two equal halves so that you get a piece of 1.5 foot each. Using the scissors, cut the sides from the fencing. Remove the corners from the rear part of the fence as well. You will get a flat fender that’s rounded from one side. Cut the other piece also in a similar manner.
  2. Using the tape, cover the non-rounded part and attach it below the seat post tightly. Straighten out the coat hangers and form a U-shape out of them. Cut the vintage bicycle fender in a way that it has a slit of 3/4th its length. Place the U shaped hanger upside down on the rear tire of the vintage bicycle. Cover the far ends of the coat hangers with the tape so that they get attached to the chain guards of the old bicycle.
  3. Make two small cuts at the center of the other bike fender and insert two zip ties from them. Tighten the vintage bicycle fender below the front fork using the zip ties. Make two slits in front of the vintage bike fender just as you did it for the back bicycle fender. Make a U shape out of the coat hanger and place it by sliding it through the two slits. Make sure that the two sides of the coat hanger below fork are secured using the electrical tape. This will give support to the front portion of the vintage bike fender.
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