How To Make A Vintage Clothespin Bag

Need to know how to make a vintage clothespin bag? Keep your clothespins handy and ready to hang in the sunshine with a stylish vintage bag. With the greening of the world, more people are looking for cheap or free ways to live smarter and use less energy. A clothesline is one such way to make a positive contribution to your own bottom line and help the country's energy reserves. Drying clothes outside has other positive points: your clothes dryer will last longer and your clothes will smell wonderful.

To make a vintage clothespin bag, you will need:

  • A child-sized hanger
  • Vintage fabric
  • Bias tape or other trim
  • Old buttons (optional)
  • A needle, thread, scissors
  • A sewing machine, if available
  1. Find vintage fabric. You may have vintage fabric hanging around the house or you may need to search for some. Vintage is generally considered to be anything 25 years or older. Decide for yourself and look around the house. If nothing jumps out at you, visit a thrift store and look at some blouses or dresses. You're sure to find vintage fabric if you keep looking.
  2. Measure the hanger. Take the child's hanger and measure the arms, or the two parts that stick out on either side, where the shirt, blouse or dress hangs. That measurement is probably around nine or ten inches. This is the width of your vintage clothespin bag.
  3. Decide how long to make the clothespin bag. Depending on how many clothespins you want to store, figure out the length of the bag. A good size is fourteen inches.
  4. Make a pattern. On newspaper, measure and mark a rectangle to the right size, for example, eleven inches by fifteen inches. The extra inch on both sides is to accommodate the hem for a finished clothespin bag of ten by fourteen inches.
  5. Lay the pattern on the vintage fabric. You will need two pieces of fabric eleven by fifteen inches in size. If you don't happen to have enough of one kind or design of vintage fabric, make two patchwork pieces large enough to cut out the two pieces. Pin it down.
  6. Cut the fabric. Cut the two pieces of fabric for the clothespin bag.
  7. Make a hand hole in the front of the clothespin bag. The front of the clothespin bag needs to have a hole for you to get the clothespins out. Trace a five-inch circle in the front piece two inches from the top using a bowl. Cut out the fabric where you traced the hole. Trim the edges of the hole by sewing bias tape around the entire hole.
  8. Sew the vintage clothespin bag. Put the right sides of the fabric touching each other. Pin the sides and bottom and sew them. Sew the top half way. Start on one side and when you almost hit the middle, stop sewing. Sew the other side the same way so a hole is left in the middle of the top. This hole is for the hanger handle to stick out. Turn the clothespin bag right-side out. Hand stitch the hem around the top hole.
  9. Insert the hanger. Place the hanger inside the clothespin bag by inserting it up through the hand hole. Push the handle of the hanger through the small hole at the top.

Add old buttons to the vintage clothespin bag, if desired. Make a flower pattern or scatter the buttons at random.

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