How To Make Vintage Earrings

For great gift ideas for family and friends, learn how to make vintage earrings. Use vintage beads and spacers from an old broken necklace to create a beautiful keepsake to wear today. These special pieces are sometimes called memory jewelry. Creating vintage earrings using vintage beads paired with new components is a great way to pay tribute to the past.

To make vintage earrings, you will need:

  • Vintage beads and/or spacers
  • 2 ear wires, fishhook or lever style
  • 2 headpins
  • Extra space beads, as desired
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flush cutter
  1. Decide on the design for the vintage earrings. Arrange the beads into a pleasing look, perhaps using a spacer on bottom then a large vintage bead with another small bead or spacer on top. Make two sets of this arrangement for two vintage earrings and set aside.
  2. Thread the beads and spacers on the headpins. Stack the beads onto two headpins.
  3. Make loops on the top of the headpins. With the flat nose pliers, bend the headpin wire 90 degrees using the flat nose pliers. Place the round nose pliers as close as possible to the bend and bend the wire around the round nose to form a loop. Grasp the tail of the headpin wire and wrap the wire twice around where the wire meets at the bottom of the loop. Trim the wire with the flush cutters as close as possible so no wire tail remains. Repeat for the second vintage earring. These are the dangles for the vintage earrings. Set these aside.
  4. Open the wire on the bottom of the ear wires. Each ear wire has a round circle for placing the headpin loop on. There is a cut in the circle at the back of the ear wire. Using the flat nose pliers, gently open the circle to allow the loop to be placed on the ear wire.
  5. Place one dangle through the hole of one of the ear wires. Gently close the hole by moving the wire back in place. Repeat for the second ear wire. Your vintage earrings are complete.
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