How To Make Waffle House Biscuits And Gravy

Have you ever learned how to make waffle house biscuits and gravy? If you haven’t, you’re in the right place. Waffle house biscuits and gravy is a delicious specialty breakfast that you will adore.

Ingredients you'll need:

  • Pre-made biscuits
  • One lb. pork sausage
  • Three cups milk
  • One-third cup flour
  • Half tsp. salt
  • Half tsp. pepper
  • Non-stick baking pan
  • Sauce pot


  1. Purchasing pre-made biscuits is the easiest way to get this meal together. You can get a name brand biscuits or the generic brand; whichever you choose, the biscuits will be delicious. If you would rather make homemade biscuits, you are more then welcome to do so. Pre-made biscuits are easy because it comes with directions on how to bake them, but you will need to put them on a non-stick pan and bake them 350 degrees for at least ten minutes in most cases.
  2. Prepare the sausage. You can use any brand of pork sausage you like. You’re going to enjoy this meal no matter the brand or flavor of the sausage. To prepare your sausage for your biscuits and gravy, you will want to crumble your sausage in a greased pan on medium heat until brown.
  3. Prepare the gravy, which is the most intense and hands-on step. You’re going to add your flour, salt and pepper in a pot and mix in the milk slowly over low heat. You’re just going to cook until your mixture gets thick, but you need to stir the entire time to make sure you’re not burning the gravy.
  4. When everything is done, mix your sausage in with your gravy and pour directly over your biscuit. This meal is quite easy to make and very delicious. Enjoy your meal before it gets too cold and thick.
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