How To Make A Walking Trail

Have you ever strolled through the woods and wondered how to make a walking trail? It’s not difficult, but it does take time and diligence. No fancy tools are needed. A small hand saw, some loppers, a rake and some marking ribbon is all it takes. It’s a great project for a family, with many simple tasks that children can easily accomplish and enjoy.

Collect the following items before you begin:

  • Hand saw
  • Garden rake
  • Medium sized loppers
  • Marking tape, also known as flagging tape
  1. Walk along the area you wish to make into a trail and tie marking tape around trees to define the path. If no trees are nearby tie marking tape to small sticks, and place them in the ground at 10 to 15 foot intervals. You can also tie the marking tape to logs, felled trees, rocks, and such.
  2. Start at the beginning of the trail and use loppers to cut back branches and twigs. Be mindful of how and what you’re cutting. It is good practice to cut growth back rather than destroy the plant. If a plant or sapling is directly in the line of your path, consider moving your intended path a few feet to the left or the right of the plant. You may also choose to transplant the plant.
  3. Remove any dead branches, leaves, stumps or plants from the intended trail. Either use them for firewood or set them out for your local yard waste pickup. Move large rocks to the edge of the trail.
  4. Use the handsaw to cut larger trees that have fallen across the walking trail. Cut the trees into manageable sections and again, use them for firewood, or set them out for your yard waste crew.
  5. Rake aside leaves and twigs so that the walking trail is visible even when you remove the marking tape.  If you live in an area that receives snow, consider leaving the marking tape in place so you can enjoy your walking trail even in the winter.


Be certain you have permission to make your walking trail if it is on private property.

Be aware of harmful plants such as poison ivy before beginning your project.

Warnings: Never allow youngsters to use the saw or loppers without adult supervision.



How to Build a Walking Trail

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