How To Make A Wall Ride For BMX

Learning how to ride a wall on a BMX bike is a cool trick to pull off. Riding a wall on a BMX takes timing and balance. If you have ever seen someone ride a wall on a BMX, you probably think it’s a simple trick. Riding a wall on a BMX is not as easy as it looks. Riding a BMX on a wall is a quick trick for the most part. Learning to ride a wall on a BMX is a matter of practice and skill. BMX Bike management plays a big roll in riding a wall. being one with the BMX bike is helpful and will definitely help you pull it off. Look at the instructions below to understand the steps in riding a BMX bike on a wall.

To make a wall ride for a BMX, you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • Wall
  • BMX gear

How to ride a BMX bike on a wall:

  1. Put on your protective gear, all of it. This trick is short and to the point but can be very painful if you spill. Take a few peddles around to get warmed up and run the trick through your mind.
  2. Approach the wall at a slower than normal speed. Speed is required but if you are going to fast, you will simple plow into the wall. When you come up on the wall, turn away from the wall slightly while you pull up the front wheel.
  3. Pull up on the back wheel by bring up the back wheel. The front tire should roll over the wall, before the back tire “kisses” it. Both wheels will be on the wall before you push off for the landing.


  • Quick and fluid is what you are after. It is a tap-tap roll then done trick. Seems simple enough but as stated, respect the trick.
  • Make sure you put on your gear here. If you have gloves and elbow pads, it is highly recommended you bust those out.
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