How To Make Wallet From A Recycled Rice Bag

Knowing how to make a wallet from a recycled rice bag makes for a funky, fun way to carry your cash. Rice comes in some interesting bags with great designs. Some rice bags are vinyl, and others are burlap. Decide what fabric you want to make your wallet from and buy a big bag of rice with a fabric you like. If you're anxious to make your recycled rice bag wallet, empty the rice into air tight containers when you bring home the rice so you have an empty bag to work with.

To make a wallet from a recycled rice bag, you will need:

  • empty rice bag
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pattern:  newspaper, pen, and ruler
  1. Wipe down the inside of the rice bag. The rice may leave a bit of dust in the bag, so wipe the rice bag inside and out, as needed.
  2. Make a pattern and cut it out. For a finished wallet that is eight inches long by four inches wide, make a pattern using scrap paper like newspaper. Measure and draw lines on the newspaper to create a rectangle that is seventeen inches long by nine inches wide. The additional one inch on both sides is for hemming.
  3. Cut the pattern on the rice bag. Lay the pattern on top of the rice bag. Pick an interesting spot with nice graphics or words. Pin the pattern in place. Cut out the pattern from one thickness of the rice bag, or use both layers of the rice bag if you want to make two recycled wallets. Remove the pins and pattern.
  4. Hem the wallet. Fold down the edges of the rice bag on the two sides that measure seventeen inches. Use the sewing machine to topstitch a 1/2 inch hem on these two sides. Press the hem before or after sewing for crisp edges.
  5. Fold the rice bag. Fold the rice bag so the right sides (the side of the fabric that will show to the outside when the wallet if completed) are touching. Pin the edges or sides of the wallet that measure nine inches together. Sew a 1/2 inch seam to make the sides of the recycled rice bag wallet.
  6. Turn the wallet. Flip the wallet right side out. Pull the corners out carefully with a pin to make sharp, square corners.
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