How To Make A Watch

This article will help you on how to make a watch. The best known kinds of watches are the mechanical which is either wound manually or self-winding and the battery powered quartz. The materials you need depend on the kind of watch you would like to make. Watch parts are available in watch retail/repair stores or online. Most of the parts-especially the small ones-may be stock parts or custom made for you by a skilled watchmaker.

Materials For the Mechanical Watch:

  • The Movement (Mainspring, gear train, keyless work, balance wheel, escapement mechanism)
  • Case
  • Crystal
  • Pair of hands (the minute and the hour hand)
  • Strap/Band

Materials For the Quartz Watch:

  • Microchip
  • LED
  • Battery
  • Mechanism (2 pins)
  • Case
  • Straps
  • Additional tools (optional):
  • Pointed Tweezers
  • Pin puncher
  • Watch hammer
  • Micro screwdrivers
  • Watch pliers
  • Small Brush for cleaning
  • Watch Pins and screws
  1. Think of what kind of watch you would like to make. Picture what your watch would look like and sketch it in a piece of paper. When you're thinking of the design you like for your watch, try to consider if you're design is practical or reasonable to avoid having problems when you're looking for the parts.

  2. If you plan to make a mechanical watch, purchasing stock supplies is an easy way to start with. Putting them together is the most difficult. To save yourself from trouble, you may consider looking for a readymade movement. Movement is the internal mechanism of the mechanical watch. The movement should be complete with all the little parts in place for it to function.

  3. Place the movement inside the case of the watch. The case should hold the movement properly.

  4. Then place the face and the hands properly before covering it with the crystal which is the clear covering of the watch. Then, carefully enclose it with the back covering.

  5. Loop the straps or the bands of the watch on both top and the bottom of the case.

  6. To make the quartz watch, the steps are similar but instead of movement, we use the microchip where the display and the battery holder are. Before the case is enclosed, the battery is placed and the two pins which act as the mechanism to set the time and the display are attached.


  • To make a water resistant watch, use a rubber gasket or "O" rings to seal the back of the case. If you find a back case that screws into the case then that will be better. But the best choice if most likely you’ll get your watch wet is to find "Screw-down" crown which will provide high level of water resistance.

  • The material used for the crystal will determine its level of scratch resistance. The types of crystals are Acrylic plastic crystal, Mineral Crystal and sapphire crystal where sapphire crystal is the best choice.

  • If you worry about scratches on the case, look for stainless steel casing. But this kind of casing may contain nickel which may cause allergy to some. If you are allergic to nickel then titanium case is another choice though it is prone to more scratches. If you are still worries about scratches, look for glass coated titanium case.

  • If you want to shock proof your watch, look for shock absorbers to install in your watch. However if you’re not involved with any physical activities then there’s no need to buy any.

  • Strap materials can be made of leather or synthetic, which is mostly recommended. There are also straps made of plastic or cloth to absorb perspiration or liquid.

  • Be sure that the stock parts you bought for your mechanical watch will fit each other, otherwise it will be impossible to function well. You can also buy Jewel bearings to reduce the friction of the movement resulting to more accurate time.




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