How To Make Water Ski Pole

Water skiing is impossible without water ski poles and any water skiing fan should know how to make water ski poles. These poles, also known as “pylons”, are attached to the back of the boat with a rope. They are the lifeline of the person keen on water skiing. Making water skiing poles is a fairly technical job and you should have a reasonable idea about balance and a small experience with metals. Nevertheless, as technical as it sounds, the task of making water ski poles is not difficult and would be very interesting to a water skiing plan.

Things you would need:

  •  2 inch thick stainless steel pipe
  • 1 inch thick stainless steel pipe
  • Gas welder
  • Filler bar
  • Grinder
  • Metal shaper
  1. Cut the pipes: The first step in making water ski poles is to cut 30 inches of the two-inch thick stainless steel pipe. In fact it can be cut to any length you want. Just be careful that the water ski pole is of such a length that the rope does not get caught up in the motor.
  2. Fixing the pole: Set up the pipe on the stern of the boat. The next step to make water ski poles is to measure the length of the supporting rods. Use a measuring tape from six-inches below the main pole, downwards towards the boat walls, at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Rods: Cut the one-inch thick pipes for the supporting rods to the exact length you measured.
  4. Grind: The next step in making water ski poles is to use the grinder to smooth the edges of the supporting rods so they fit the 45 degree angle of the pole and boat wall.
  5. Clamp: Weld the supporting rods to the main pole with the help of the welder and filler bar.
  6. Finishing up:  One of the last steps in making water ski poles includes welding mounting brackets to the top of the pole. Now drill the water ski pole in the boat walls.
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