How To Make A Whiskey Still

Whether you are a big whiskey fan, or are just interested in the process, you should learn how to make a whiskey still. Once you have learned how to make a whiskey still, you will have the power to impress just about anyone and everyone you know. The ladies will love it, along with all of your football fan friends. Learning how to make a whiskey still can open up some serious possibilities for your potential with alcohol in general. While learning how to make a whiskey still may sound somewhat difficult, it is actually easier than most people realize. Enjoy the recipe below and learning how to make a whiskey still.

What You Will Need To Make A Whiskey Still:

  • 10 pounds of corn which has not been treated
  • 5 gallons of water
  • 1 cup of yeast
  • 1 burlap bag
  • A fermenter with a water sealed vent
  1. Place corn into your burlap bag. Make sure that your burlap bag has been completely soaked in warm water.
  2. Place the burlap bag into a warm dark place for ten days. Make sure it is a completely dark place that gets no light, or else this will not work.
  3. After ten days make sure that you check to see that the corn has sprouted at least one centimeter. If not leave it for another day, or however long it takes for that corn to sprout just right.
  4. Place the corn into your fermenter. Make sure that you have mashed the corn so that all of the kernels have crushed.
  5. Add the five gallons to your fermenter. Seal the fermenter with a water sealed vent.
  6. Let is sit there for around ten days. Sift the liquid through a large coffee filter.
  7. Enjoy with the ladies, friends, and yourself. Be proud that you can say now that you know how to make whiskey still.
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