How To Make A Wicker Cat Carrier

Learning how to make a wicker cat carrier is easy, and it’s a money-saver, too. There are very few wicker cat carriers on the market, and they can be expensive to purchase. Why spend money on a fancy designer carrier, when you can make one yourself? Your cat doesn’t have to travel in a cold, unattractive plastic box. All you need for a homemade wicker cat carrier are a few household items and your time.


  • Two matching wicker baskets
  • A generous supply of rope or twine
  • A towel, blanket or cat cushion


  1. Step One. Start with two matching wicker baskets. Wicker laundry baskets or office storage baskets work very well for this project, but you can use any two baskets that are large and sturdy enough to hold your cat. If you cannot find two matching wicker baskets at home, purchase them at a home furnishings, office supply or discount store. Or, find an online store by typing “wicker baskets” in the search bar of your favorite internet browser.
  2. Step Two. To give your cat a comfortable cushion, place a fluffy towel or blanket in the bottom of one of the wicker baskets. If you are feeling industrious, you can sew a comfortable cushion to fit the basket. Or, use a cat cushion that you already own, if it is the right size for the basket.
  3. Step Three. To construct your wicker cat carrier, place the empty wicker basket on top of the basket with the cushion. Align the baskets rim-to-rim to make it easier to attach. You will use rope or twine to seal them closed.
  4. Step Four. Thread the rope or twine between the wicker strands, near the basket rims. The rope or twine should be long enough to tie the two baskets together with several loops, to provide extra strength. Tie the baskets loose enough so that you will be able to lift the baskets apart when it is time for your cat to travel. Leave a small section of the baskets unattached.
  5. Step Five. When it is time for your cat to use the wicker travel carrier, lift the baskets apart and set your cat on the towel, blanket or cushion. Use rope or twine to tie the basket opening shut, sealing the baskets together. Your cat is now ready to travel.


When constructing your wicker cat carrier, make sure the spaces between the wicker are large enough for your cat to breath. However, the spaces should be small enough that your cat cannot squeeze out of any holes. While your cat is in the wicker travel carrier, check from time to time to see that your cat is not destroying the loops and ties that are holding the baskets together. Do not leave your cat alone in the homemade carrier for long periods of time. And, never leave your cat unattended in your car.

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