How To Make A Wii Zapper

Need to know hot make a Wii zapper? Remember back in the day when the original Nintendo came out with Duck Hunt  and you needed a zapper to shoot the ducks? Well Nintendo is at it again except it is not duck hunt,  and this time it with the Wii. There are many first player shooting games for the Wii, in which you need a Wii zapper to shoot the enemy. There might even a few of hunting type of games out now that needs a Wii zapper. However, you do not want to go out and purchase your own Wii zapper right? Well using these directions we can show you how you can make your own Wii zapper without having to purchase one from the store.

Items Needed

  • Wii Controller
  • Wii Nunchuck
  • Cardboard or Plastic


  1. The main part of the zapper frame is known as the Sleeve and in order for the model we are building to resemble of an acutal Wii zapper you need to make sure the Wii remote is at the front end, and the nunchuck at the rear end. The frame needs to be opened at the top so that you are able to use the buttons on the remote and the nunchuck.
  2. Measure the width, length and the depth of the remote and the nunchuck. Remember that the nunchuck is curved so obtain the best estimate possible. There are templates that are available for download online if you want to use of those to make it easier. The frame needs to have a hole in the bottom of it for the B button on the remote, and one in the front so the remote can signal to the Wii Sensor Bar.
  3. Next, cut out and fold a handle that is approximately 5 inches high and 2-3 inches square. This will be adjustable depending on hand size. Glue or tape this fold to the bottom of the main frame where the remote will be.
  4. Secure the remote and the nunchuck to their proper ends of the frame using rubber bands or string making sure the buttons are not covered. Wrap up the cord that connects the remote to the nunchuk (you might need to disconnect them first) and then tie the cord to the bottom of the frame so that it does not hang loose and interrupt game play.
  5. Now you should have a frame that you are able to hold at eye level and using your right hand grasping the handle and push the buttons on the remote and then the left hand is used to move the nunchuck buttons. If you are left handed use the remote in your left hand and the nunchuck in your right.
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