How To Make Wine Glass Charms

Learn how to make wine glass charms to add unique decorations to your wine glasses. Your guests will be able to identify their drinks by adding the wine glass charms to the stem of their wine glasses. When guests arrive at your party, offering a selection of wine glass charms for them to choose from starts the party with fun. Wine glass charms can be classic or whimsical depending on what you use to make them. Depending on your event or party, you can make wine glass charms as individual as each guest or offer a varied selection sure to please all guests.

To make wine glass charms, you will need:

  • Wine glass hoops or wire
  • Beads
  • Charms
  • Small split rings
  • Flat nose jewelry pliers
  • Round nose jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutter
  1. Select wine glass hoops. Wine glass hoops are available in craft or bead stores, which are basically a piece of thin wire shaped in an incomplete circle. You can also make your own hoops with a piece of wire about six-inches long.
  2. Make the charms. Add a charm (like beads stacked on a headpin with a loop at the top) or add a silver charm (like a bicycle or a cat's face) to a split ring.
  3. Add the charms or beads to the hoops. If the wire is thin enough, you will be able to slide beads directly on the hoops or wire. If the wire it too thick, use charms that have been slipped onto a small split ring.
  4. Curl the ends of wire. If you make your own wine glass charms with wire, slip the split ring onto the wire and curl both ends of the wire with round nose pliers. Slightly twist one end of the wire over the other to close the hoop.
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