How To Make Wine Racks

Learning how to make wine racks is no easy task. To undertake the project, you will need a thorough understanding of tools use, craftsmanship, and woodworking. You will also need certain supplies and materials to successfully complete the project. Following is information on how to make wine racks.

You will need the following:

  • Wooden hardwood boards for frame and rack
  • Saw, such as table saw or electric hand saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood varnish
  • Tape measurer


  1. First, purchase all of the materials that you will need. They may be bought at any home improvement or construction supply store.
  2. Next, decide upon the overall dimensions of your homemade wine rack. It will be shaped like a chest of drawers, with a greater length than width, but built to your specifications.
  3. Make the frame. Build two wooden rectangular frames using the hardwood boards and the length and width measurements that you have decided upon for your rack.
  4. Cut short boards that are about eight inches in length, and connect the two wooden rectangles so that a complete wine rack frame results.
  5. Then, cut out the shelves. They should be the length of the interior width between the two sides. Each shelf should have a front slab of wood, between the front sides of the rack, which has small semicircles cut out where the necks of the bottles will rest, horizontally, and there should be a corresponding back section of each, with larger semicircles cut out, which mirror the size of the each bottle's body.
  6. Nail the shelf slabs between the front and back of the frame. You should now have a complete wine rack, with front shelves where the necks will rest, and back shelves where the bottles will rest. Sand the rack down, and coat it in wood varnish.

Learning how to make wine racks takes time and finesse. Do not rush the project. Work carefully, and when you are finished, a beautiful, homemade wine rack will result.

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