How To Make Wire Jewelry

If you're looking for a new hobby, learn how to make wire jewelry. Jewelry is not only for women. Men can wear jewelry that has a masculine look to it gives them a little flare.

Some of the materials you need to make wire jewelry:

  • Jewelry cutting scissors/pliers
  • Wire clamp
  • Jewelry wire or similar wire
  • Fasteners
  1. To make wire jewelry, you need scissors or pliers. You can find them at craft stores or a grocery store that sells craft items. The scissors give your wire jewelry (ring or bracelet) an end and starting.
  2. You need a wire clamp (or pliers) to control angles of your wire jewelry. It also depends on the wire you get. Get the wiring based on how thick you want it to be. A clamp or pliers allow you to bend parts and pieces of the wire to the angle you want it to go. It also attaches the fasteners to your wire bracelet or whatever you make your wire jewelry into.
  3. There should be a bit of a selection to the wire you have to choose from. Designs and colors should also vary. And it depends on what you decide to do with the wire. You might to decide to be more simple. But keep your ideas in mind when you pick the wire. The thicker the wire, the more difficult it is to bend into different angles.
  4. Be creative. Maybe get both kinds of wire to make your wire jewelry. Look up some designs on the computer and play with it. You could potentially pick up a craft book at the store, but you are not likely going to find something real masculine at all to make wire jewelry. So you want to steer clear of those. You could go to a fair where people make wire jewelry and get ideas. Make sure you pick up fasteners if that is part of the look you want.
  5. Masculine touch to wire jewelry. One example of making this wire jewelry, is to add masculine accessories to the wire jewelry. Stones, and precious metal are masculine for a wire necklace or bracelet. You'll need a little glue to hold it in place. You also take your pliers and twist the wire around the stone taut so that it is fitted in place. Generally, you'll use your pliers to twist and turn wires (the ends) and to bend them in place so they are fastened and don't poke you when you wear the wire jewelry.
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