How To Make A Wireless Internet Booster

Wireless internet is a wonderful invention, but knowing how to make a wireless internet booster would make your wireless service even better. Sometimes, wireless signals have a hard time going through walls so you end up having fewer signals in certain areas of the house. This is especially true if you have a house larger than 1,000 square feet. You may find parts of your house where you just cannot connect to the internet. A wireless signal booster will actually fix this.

You will need:

  • A mesh parabolic cooking strainer
  • USB wireless thumb drive
  • A USB extension
  • Wire cutters
  • Electrical tape
  1. A mesh parabolic cooking strainer is needed to make the wireless internet booster. The best place to find one of these is an Asian food market. Look for one that has a long wooden handle and has a tightly-bound mesh. The tighter the mesh, the better quality the signal you are going to have. Think of the parabolic cooking strainer as a satellite dish.
  2. The other two items on the list, the wireless USB thumb drive and the USB extension, can be found at about any electronics store. Keep in mind what kind of wireless source you will be using when you purchase the wireless USB thumb drive, as they come in two different kinds. You can get one that works with “g” signal or the “b/g” kind; personally the latter is the way to go since it picks up both kinds of signal.
  3. Consider how far away the wireless internet booster is going to be from your computer, then make sure to buy a USB extension long enough for it. One important fact to remember is that the longer the USB extension is, the weaker the signal is going to be. A high quality USB extension is recommended since it will help with some of the signal loss.
  4. Now on to constructing the wireless internet booster. You will need to cut a small hole in the cooking strainer with the wire cutters. Make sure the hole is as close to the center of the strainer as possible. The wireless USB thumb drive is going to be placed in the hole with the USB end of it facing the backside of the strainer. The thumb drive should be adjusted so that it is pointing straight up in the center of the strainer.
  5. Connect the USB extension to the thumb drive. Then tape the cord to the wooden handle of the strainer. The wireless internet booster is now finished; all that is needed is to find a good place for it. It is best to place the wireless internet booster outside or near a window as high up as possible. Test it by trying to connect to nearby wireless sources to see what the signal strength is.


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