How To Make A Woman Cum

While every woman is different, there are some basic steps you can follow so you will know how to make a woman cum. You must get the woman aroused, follow some time-honored techniques, and learn to watch and learn from the way her body responds.

  1. Get her in the right state of mind. For a woman to be sexually aroused to the point of orgasm, she has to feel good about being with you sexually. It’s a safe assumption that if you’ve gotten this far, she at least finds you attractive. But she will also appreciate intimacy, passion, compliments, and attentiveness. She must be relaxed and comfortable. If you want to be successful at knowing how to make a woman cum, you will make sure she wants it to happen as much as you do.
  2. Build anticipation. After you’ve gotten her aroused with your charm and some kissing/touching, don’t ruin things by diving in for the goods too fast. In order to make a woman cum, take your time and let her anticipation get stronger. This foreplay may include fondling her breasts and stroking/kissing her thighs. The longing building up in her will make her orgasm more intense.
  3. Biology 101.  In order to know how to make a woman cum, you have to understand the female physiology. Orgasm is nearly always achieved via stimulation of the clitoris, a little “bud” of flesh directly above the opening of the vagina. When not aroused the clitoris is sometimes receded behind folds of flesh; when aroused it protrudes. You’re going to want to know where this is and what it looks like, so if you don’t, look it up. Find it. Know it.
  4. Throw your porn “knowledge” out the window. Pounding away at a woman’s vagina via penile penetration alone—though often pleasurable to a woman—typically does not produce the screaming “orgasms” that it does in the movies. Again, to know how to make a woman cum, remember that clitoral stimulation is the key.
  5. The oral exam. Your tongue can be your partner’s best friend, as many women particularly enjoy orgasm from oral sex. If you want to know how to make a woman cum—and more importantly to keep her coming back for more—this is where you can get high marks. Using your tongue, gently caress your partner’s clitoris. A light licking back and forth is a good start, gradually graduating up to more firm flicking. A steady rhythm is important, but don’t forget to pace yourself. (If she jerks or recoils, you might have been to eager, so ease up for a minute.) As she responds by getting more and more aroused, keep the pace fast and enhance her experience by penetrating her vagina with your fingers, lightly at first. You will notice her breaths getting shorter, muscles tensing, and back arching, among other responses. Keep the tongue flicking going steady and pretty soon you’ll have achieved your goal…and earned a devoted partner.
  6. But what about me?  Right, right…you want to get your rocks off, too. Some women cum from penetration alone, but they are rare. To know how to make a woman cum during intercourse, you will likely have to go back to the clitoris. Get yourself in a position so that as you are sliding in and out of her you can stimulate her clit with your fingers (alternatively, she may want to take this task over, which is fine, as it frees your hands up for other things). This double stimulation of penile penetration and clitoral rubbing will have her going nuts in no time. Your only job at this point is to make sure you don’t finish first…otherwise all your hard work will have been for naught!

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