How To Make A Woman Ejaculate

Figuring out how to make a woman ejaculate can be a tedious and frustrating process if you’re not familiar with the female anatomy. With general knowledge of the female body, getting your girlfriend to ejaculate is simple.

What you’ll need:

  • Persistence
  • Knowledge of the female anatomy
  1. Before trying to get your girlfriend to ejaculate you need to start of with some foreplay. Try kissing and caressing for several minutes and focusing all of your attention on her. This will also make her feel more appreciated. After foreplay, you can move on to other aspects.
  2. The clitoris is a small but sensitive organ at the anterior part of the vulva. When stimulated, it swells with blood and can produce and orgasm. Don’t over stimulate the clitoris while trying to get her to ejaculate. You want to keep her right on the edge until you get to the G-Spot.
  3. The Gräfenberg Spot, is commonly known as the ‘G-Spot.’ It is often used to describe the area inside the vagina that is equivalent to the male prostate gland. The G-Spot is a bean-shaped gland 1-3 inches inside the vagina. To stimulate this gland, you need to insert a finger or two (palm side up) into the vagina. Gently curl your fingers upward while you’re looking for the gland. The woman may feel the need to urinate, but this isn’t so. As the G-Spot swells, it presses against the urethra and after a few seconds the urge to urinate usually passes.   
  4. Once you’ve found the G-Spot, you can use your thumb to simulate the clitoris. Leaving your mouth to arouse other parts of your girlfriend. It can take seconds or several minutes before your girlfriend will ejaculate. Ejaculation in females is quite different then in males. While male ejaculation has a thick texture to it, the female ejaculation is clear and water like.
  5. After she ejaculates, the after affects can last seconds to ten or more minutes. Much like a male, somen women will tend to feel weak and tired, while other women may want to do it again.

Overall, it’s a fun experiment you and your girlfriend can try together. It’s always good to talk each other through it the first time just to make sure that you are on the right track.    

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