How To Make A Woman Fall In Love

Once you know how to make a woman fall in love, she will be yours. Be confident in your ability to be irresistible. Choose a beautiful woman you have chemistry with, and with whom you share interests and passions in life. Be sure you have respect for this woman. After all, you don’t want just anybody to fall in love with you.

  1. Smell good and look good. Wear nice fitting, clean clothes that have a little style. Wear cool shoes. Keep your hair and face well groomed. Stay really clean. This will make a woman want to get closer to you.
  2. Always wear just a little of your signature fragrance. The olfactory sense of smell is the most primal. Your scent will become an aphrodisiac for her if you play your cards right. She'll want you to hold her close so she can nuzzle your neck.
  3. Listen and pay attention. Women like it when you are really with them. When you listen, don’t always try to solve her problems. She just wants to know that she’s been heard. Try repeating back the gist of what she’s told you in different words. Be sure to ask some genuine questions. She'll feel trust in a man who demonstrates he truly cares by listening. When she trusts you, she'll open up to you in every way. 
  4. Be comfortable. Relax and be calm. Hold her hand. Hold her close. Make her feel safe and loved. She'll melt when you do this, and will want more and more physical love.
  5. Stay mysterious. Plan little surprises. Treat her to some creative dates, like flying in a hot air balloon or going horseback riding.  Leave little love notes here and there, so she’ll find them randomly. Always leave her wanting more of you. She'll perceive you as exciting, and will want to share her life with you.

Now you’ve made a woman fall in love with you, so treat her well. She will love, respect, and treat you like royalty when you do the same for her.

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