How To Make A Women Ejaculate

Need to know how to make a women ejaculate? Aliens, Bigfoot, and female ejaculation- these are three things that most people don’t believe exist. How to make a woman ejaculate isn’t an exact science, some women can’t even do it. There are some tips and pointers that you can follow in order to get your female acquaintance to gush over your skills in bed.

  1. A warning. When a woman ejaculates, it actually comes from the urethra. This is the same place a female urinates from, although scientists with a lot of time on their hands have discovered that the clear female ejaculation is different from urine. Some women who don’t have a lot of control over the muscles in that area may, accidentally, pee on you. This is something you should be aware about and have to deal with if you are hoping to witness a woman ejaculate.
  2. Foreplay.  You can’t really just put your hand in your partner and have her ejaculate. You need to get her ready like you were just going to have normal and passionate sex. Do whatever it is that you and your partner enjoy the most to get in the mood, before you go in for the squirt.
  3. The G-Spot. Some women can ejaculate through clitoral stimulation or penetration, but many need a little extra. This is what the g-spot is for. About two inches inside the vagina is a rounded bump of skin; you need to put pressure on this spot, lightly at first, but more and more as she begins to enjoy it. You can also use your free hand to push lightly on the area between your partner’s navel and pubic region. This will increase the stimulation and lead to orgasm faster.
  4. The main event. Eventually, if your partner has the ability to ejaculate, she will have an earth shattering orgasm because of this extra stimulation. Be prepared to deal with a bit of a mess that can range anywhere from a gush to a spray depending on the woman. If she doesn’t ejaculate like that, experiment with different positions and stimulation until she reaches the height of pleasure and gives you a pre-shower shower.
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