How To Make A Wood Camp Stove

Having the knowledge of how to make a wood camp stove can be vital for a camper. Wood camp stoves rely on natural fuel rather than harsh chemicals or butane that may harm the environment. In fact the experts point out that wood burning stoves, weather camp or full household size, can be very cost effective. They are also easy to make and easy to pack. With only a few supplies and an hour of time you will be well on your way to cooking with your new self made wood camp stove.

To make a wood camp stove you will need:

  • A Center punch

  • A Can opener

  • A bottle opener

  • A metal file

  • A pair of tin snips

  • 1 46 ounce juice can

  • A sharpie pen


  1. Prepare to convert the juice can. Use the can opener to remove the lid of the juice can. Pour out the contents of the can and rinse the can thoroughly. Remove the label. The juice can will be serving as wood camp stove.

  2. Create the exhaust hole. It is always best to plan and draw out any lines that you will be cutting so you have a clear path for your intended goal. With that said use the sharpie pen to draw a triangle on the side of the can. The base of the triangle will be flush with the top of the can. You will need to keep the triangle four inches wide at the base and four and a half inches base to tip.

  3. Cut out the exhaust hole of your wood camp stove. Use your center punch to punch a hole at the point and both sides of the triangle. These will serve as your starter holes for cutting the exhaust hole. Use your tin snips to cut the triangle you have drawn. Dispose of the removed triangle piece appropriately and file down the rough edges of the triangle exhaust hole with the metal file.

  4. Cut the vent hole. On the opposite side of the exhaust hole you will need to use your bottle opener to make five evenly spaced holes. These holes will serve as your vent holes for the wood camp stove. Use your file to open the holes and smooth any rough edges.

  5. Set up and use your stove. This stove is intended for small saute or sauce size pans. Do not attempt to use a larger pan on the stove as it will not work well and may tip the stove over causing fire damage to your campsite. Place the wood stove on a brick or cinder block, fill halfway with wood chips, twigs, and shredded paper, and light with a fireplace match. Build your fire to the height you desire and enjoy your new wood camp stove.

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