How To Make A Wooden Bodyboard

Learning how to make a wood bodyboard is not too difficult. You must have the right materials and a basic knowledge of tool use to construct one, but the process is fairly easy. Following is how to make a wood bodyboard.

Materials needed:

  • Sheet of hardwood, at least 44 inches long, one inch thick, and two feet wide
  • Saw, preferably a table or electric hand saw
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  1. First, purchase all of the necessary materials. Any home improvement, building or construction supply store should be able to help you out.
  2. Next, figure the dimensions of the board. If you are tall, you may want a board that is up to 44 inches in length. If you are shorter, a smaller board, of around 40 inches should be fine. Width of the board is up to you, and it should also match your body size. You want to be able to comfortable lie on the board.
  3. Next, cut the board out of the wood. It should be rectangular at first.
  4. Then, sand all edges with the electric sander. The front corners should be sanded thoroughly so that they become rounded. Then, sand the underside of the front of the board, so that it tapers to a point, like a boat's keel.
     Then sand the front of the board to make it blunt and not sharp.
  5. Use sandpaper to smooth all edges or rough areas.
  6. Then, coat the board with several layers of varnish, and put it to use.

Learning how to make a wood bodyboard is not too hard, and well worth the time. Once finished, you can have a blast with it at the beach.

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